Which situations does Wedio Global Coverage cover?

Descriptions of situations Wedio’s Global Coverage cover.

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Damage is damages that occur unexpectedly or suddenly.

We determine that a claim for damage solely originated from diminishing the functionality of the rented equipment. And do not consider cosmetic deformity or regular abrasion of the equipment as damage on the equipment.

Example: This could be that you trip and lose your grip on the equipment and it falls down onto the floor and brakes.


The determination of whether a theft has occurred is at the sole discretion of Wedio, based on an investigation by law enforcement and Wedio’s own investigation, which may include contracting investigative services by private investigators and other third-parties.

Example: this could be that the equipment is stolen from a locked vehicle with solid metal sides and roof, or if you are working on a set and someone wanders by and grabs the camera and runs.

We therefore require that cameras and other equipment are removed from vehicles or other insecure places, and instead placed in justifiable locked/secured buildings at the end of a working day.

What we wouldn’t consider theft is when you, as the lender, rent out your equipment and the renter disappears with the equipment. This is considered fraud. Read the next section “voluntary parting” for these cases.

Voluntary parting

Voluntary parting is If someone rents your equipment through Wedio and does not return it. 

If this rare situation occurs for you, we need you to notify Wedio within 48 hours of the end date of the rental via email, message, or phone. Wedio will immediately assist you in attempting to recover the unreturned listing.

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